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Any company’s success depends to a large extent on relevant information being available to decision-makers at the right time. Planning Analytics helps you meet your information needs and optimize your controlling processes with the right know-how. Our courses take place in a professional system environment, in which you learn about the best strategies for using this versatile and flexible reporting and planning software to achieve your corporate goals. The training content is delivered to you by Planning Analytics consultants with extensive project experience and can be adapted to your individual requirements. We currently provide training in the following areas:


No. of participants: Max. 8 persons/Duration: 1 day

This course introduces you to Planning Analytics and shows you how to create simple reports in Excel. You will learn about key concepts and definitions, practice selecting and evaluating data in various views, and become familiar with designing both static and simple dynamic reports.

Course objectives

  • Basics of multidimensional analysis
  • Understand OLAP and the principle of dimensions and cubes 
  • Ad hoc analyses + Get to grips with the “Subset Editor” and “Cube Viewer” tools
  • Understand “subsets” and “views”
  • Create and customize static and dynamic “subsets”
  • Create and customize private and public “views”
  • Analyze data
  • Create simple reports – standard reporting
  • Create online integrations with Excel
  • Make report contents dynamic
  • Make reports available in Planning Analytics Web


No. of participants: Max. 8 persons/Duration: 1 day

This course explains how you can use Planning Analytics to get from a view to a generated report in Planning Analytics Perspectives or Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (Excel add-in) as well as Planning Analytics Web in just a few, easyto-follow steps. You will learn how to create and modify views and generate meaningful, informative reports.

Course objectives 

  • Get to grips with the reporting process and efficient design standards
  • Create online and offline integrations with Excel
  • Apply formats to reports
  • Make report contents dynamic
  • Use advanced filtering options (e.g., top 10 or ABC analyses)
  • Use navigation paths in report folders
  • Make reports available in Planning Analytics Web


No. of participants: Max. 8 persons/Duration: 1–2 days

This course teaches you all of the features you need in order to calculate data spaces in Planning Analytics. After practicing how to create and use data spaces, you will be in a position to add new calculations which are stored centrally in Planning Analytics.

Course objectives

  • Become familiar with how Planning Analytics rules work
  • Perform calculations based on conditional logic
  • Check whether calculations are correct if data spaces overlap
  • Implement calculations across multiple cubes
  • Understand the concept of “TM1 feeders” and use them to speed up calculations


No. of participants: Max. 4 persons/Duration: 3–4 days plus subsequent coaching sessions (depending on your individual learning goals and prior knowledge)

We recommend a multiple day course with subsequent coaching sessions, so that you can learn how to create Turbo Integrator processes based on real requirements. After completing the training, you will be in a position to load master and transaction data to Planning Analytics, and create processes for different scenarios, for instance data updates.

Course objectives

  • Basics of Turbo Integrator processes +
  • Understand the various sections of a Turbo Integrator process
  • Turbo Integrator variables and operators
  • Turbo Integrator functions
  • MDX statements
  • Recurring concepts (code snippets)
  • Practice what you have learned with the help of a selected use case


No. of participants: Max. 4 persons/Duration: 1 day

This course starts by introducing you to the IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) product family’s new front end as well as the basic features of IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. After becoming acquainted with the concept of multidimensional databases, you will learn how to create reporting and planning folders before moving on to dashboard layouts. We will enable you to leverage the full potential of IBM Planning Analytics Workspace for your company.

In the course of the training you will discover all of the features which are essential in order to use the tool correctly in the future and incorporate the benefits of PAW into your dayto-day business.

Course objectives

  • Understand the new options provided by Planning Analytics Workspace
  • Use the self-service tool to create reporting and planning folders as well as dashboards


We also offer coaching sessions tailored to your specific requirements. We design customized training for this purpose with made-to-measure contents and scope. We start by discussing your learning goals with you. Our experts then develop your individual coaching material in line with your wishes and specifications.

General information on our Planning Analytics training

  • All training can be provided either as a business package (several participants from one company) or in the form of open courses (single participants).
  • The mode of study for all courses can be either distance learning or classroom based.
  • One training day is equivalent to 8 hours.
  • Each course comprises completion of the training, all training material, and in-course refreshments (if the training takes place on our premises).
  • Our trainers generally require one day for preparation and follow-up irrespective of the course duration. The preparation and follow-up time for coaching sessions is subject to individual agreement in advance.
  • Participants will not be entitled to a refund if the course duration is shortened.

Why should you choose avantum?

  • As the largest Planning Analytics partner, we can offer you significant expertise in Planning Analytics.
  • Our trainers are seasoned consultants with many years of experience implementing Planning Analytics solutions.
  • All courses draw on our project experience and are tailored to each client’s individual requirements – made to measure for your needs
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