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No matter whether you want to make your decision processes more efficient, optimize your planning, or gain new insights into your data – we have the right solution to systematically improve your business performance. Our consultants offer a wide range of business and technical expertise and the necessary feeling for how the individual challenges of the organization can be optimally solved within the project. In this way, we ensure both project success and systematic improvement of your company's performance.

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Analysis & Approach

In the digital business world, there is a constant challenge to analyze and design new requirements both for professional interests and for the needs of IT. Ideally, concepts are developed that can be used directly by both parties for implementation. Mostly, however, there is a lack of conception at the interface between IT and the specialist department, and frictional losses inevitably occur. 

  • Business requirements are not understood by the IT department
  • Business requirements must be based on IT requirements
  • Technological potentials are not recognized by the specialist department 
  • Technical implementations do not adequately reflect technical requirements
  • Several development and optimization cycles are necessary
  • Concepts do not experience the implementation phase due to complexity 

We know how to combine our broad technical knowledge with our well-founded technology expertise and to avoid the above-mentioned friction losses and offer you:

  • Technical expertise paired with technical know-how
  • Solution competence for professional and technical challenges
  • Standardized procedure for structured requirements’ recording and analysis
  • Documentation and visualization of the concepts
  • Concepts for direct implementation
  • Moderation between IT and specialist department
  • Project management


An existing analytics concept must be implemented and rolled out. For this project you need additional support or even a complete project team. We will put together a team of experts that is perfectly tailored to your needs and will also gladly assume the role of general contractor in projects involving several parties.

We offer you the key factors for your success: 

  • Many years of consulting experience
  • Sound knowledge, in particular with the top solutions from SAP and IBM - supplemented by business management know-how
  • State-of-the-art technology - our employees regularly attend training courses
  • Practice-proven, standardized, and agile project procedures: High quality of results, short implementation time, transparent project progress, solid project management, project work on-site or remotely
  • Access to our broad network of software and implementation partners
  • Cooperation based on partnership
  • Know-how transfer - if we go, you can operate your system independently
  • Best solutions - from the individual implementation to the finished solution
  • Our solutions based on SAP and IBM - these guarantee short implementation times and individual solutions

Operations and support

Many years of experience in the implementation of analytics solutions are the basis of our support and operations services. Partial support in individual cases, periodic process support or the holistic operation of your analytics solution in the cloud - our offer includes standardized as well as customized solutions.

Our services ensure smooth operation, offer flexible operating models to relieve your organization and aim to continuously improve your solution so that you can concentrate on managing your company.

System Checks & Optimization

The quality of corporate management and processes depends on the supporting technologies. If the performance of the systems used is not right, the causes should be identified as quickly as possible and the quality improved again with adequate measures. 

From our experience, we know that measures do not necessarily have to lead to a new system - often the existing solution can be optimized and further used.

When does a system check make sense? 

  • Non-performant system behavior: slow report retrieval, long-running processes, various media breaks, frequent system crashes
  • Lack of user friendliness: cumbersome operation during daily use, intensive training activities for new employees, no contemporary look & feel
  • Incorrect or inconsistent data during operation: complex processing sequences, process disharmonies
  • Time- and cost-intensive maintenance work
  • Low flexibility to map new business requirements
  • Head monopolies, i.e., only one employee knows how to operate the system
  • Proprietary system

Our approach:

During the system check, we create a comparison of requirements, target status, state-of-the-art benchmarks, and the current status, and also analyze the underlying processes. We document our results in detail and provide you with concrete recommendations for action.

These recommendations range from the optimization of existing solutions to the identification of process alternatives and the clarification of opportunities with alternative technologies.

Anonymous, industry-specific benchmarking and a potential analysis to reduce your license and operating costs round off our approach.

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