Standard Reporting & Dashboards

Keeping an eye on the most important key figures with standardized reports and interactive dashboards. Quality-assured reporting for business management - standard reporting & dashboards.

Standard Reporting

Standard reporting forms the backbone of any BI application. Standardized reports in terms of layout and content are made available to report recipients at regular intervals. The time of provision plays a very important role here, e.g. on the day after the monthly settlement - from this point onwards, the report recipients need the necessary information as quickly as possible.

Reporting is carried out by means of predefined and parameterizable reports, which can be regularly supplied with new data and, if necessary, also distributed. The presentation of standard reports is usually limited to tables and common chart types. An interactive analysis of the data is not provided.


In contrast to standard reporting, KPIs and key figures in dashboards are highly aggregated and presented graphically, usually in the form of sparklines (word graphics), heatmaps or maps. The aim here is to provide the recipient of the information with all the KPIs and key figures relevant to him at a glance.

Dashboarding focuses on the high density of information rather than the detailed breakdown of data. In addition, consumers of a dashboard can filter the data within the view to specific areas, such as individual lines of business, product groups, or customers. Dashboards can also be consumed on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.

our offer for you

We support you in the design and implementation of meaningful and standardized reports as well as user-friendly and intuitive dashboards. In addition, we work with you to develop notation concepts in accordance with the IBCS standard.



Robert Schneider

Director Planning & Analytics

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