Analytics Strategy

In the context of the current changes in companies, through Cloud or the introduction of new software for corporate management, many companies are also faced with the challenge of reconsidering their analytics strategy. We support you in this with our standardized analytics strategy process.

Achieving corporate goals

By deciding to integrate an analytics strategy into your business strategy, you are setting exactly the right focus to address the issues listed below, among others: Providing clear governance for analytics, data visibility, and timely reports that are ad-hoc, mobile, and self-service.

From unused, unstructured data to data silos, this should be your past. We take you and your business forward with the implementation of a centralized analytics strategy that aligns with your business strategy and allows you to take advantage of technology trends, while not losing sight of the big picture.

Our project approach

The goal of our analytics strategy is to take a holistic view of analytics by looking at four topic areas that are grounded in your business strategy: your business, your employees, your processes, and your technology.


Your Business

Business content and objectives, reporting needs and performance metrics, information architecture and metadata model.

your employees

Defined roles and functions, Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC), business analytics awareness or BA as part of your corporate culture.

your processes

Business processes, data quality assurance processes, analytics development processes, analytics governance processes

your technology

Technology standards, data warehouse architecture, performance, complexity, flexibility, service level agreements (SLA).

our offer for you

We offer both the creation of a new analytics strategy and the review of an existing analytics strategy, depending on your company's maturity level in terms of analytics competencies.

Together with you, we derive the relevant points for the four above-mentioned topics from your corporate strategy, which your company should focus on from now on. This ensures that a holistic view of the further development of your company is taken and that analytics is (again) treated as a central focus topic.

The decisions regarding the topics are initially independent of solution providers such as SAP, IBM and Microsoft, but focus on a common understanding of what is needed in the field of analytics in your company.

Our approach to developing an analytics strategy for your company is based on a series of workshops divided into three phases:


Step 1

Taking stock of your current (analytics) situation.

Design & Validation

Step 2

Demonstrate various best practices for all Analytics areas: Architecture, Projects, Infrastructure, Governance & Organization, and Design & Derivation of Building Blocks for your Analytics Strategy.

Documentation & Outlook

Step 3

Documentation of the workshop series & preparation of the results: Final presentation that provides a holistic and accurate picture of your (analytics) situation and recommendations for an optimized alignment, for your Analytics Strategy & Roadmap.

The result of this series of workshops is an analytics strategy & roadmap tailored to your company, which identifies the need for further development and defines concrete implementation steps.

We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer taking into account your individual focus in the areas of analytics architecture, infrastructure, projects, and governance & organization.



Dr. Torben Hügens

Managing Director