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Results that you are proud of and that move you and us forward are best achieved in a professional environment in which you feel comfortable. With capable colleagues who value you as a personality as much as your skills. In an environment that inspires innovation and gives you the necessary freedom.

Become part of a community of over 2,800 transformation & integration experts, Big Data & Business Analysts, Industrial IoT Engineers and Consultants around SAP, Microsoft and IBM, New Work advocates and Cybersecurity specialists. And then there's that unique spirit. The special quality of togetherness. We are convinced that this is what makes a job a piece of home. And that makes the All for One Group a leading consulting and IT group.

There is a lot of emphasis on individual development and I always have a say in which areas I would like to develop further.

Alexandra Mayer | Senior Consultant

10 reasons for your yes

Being able to give your all on the job is also a question of the right framework conditions. We make sure of that.


We stand for new work

New Work is part of everyday life at our company. We have a way of working and a culture that promotes collaboration and networking. We offer plenty of room for maneuver for our own decisions, decentralized project teams, agile working methods, modern collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, and a rethought, innovative working environment.


We let you think outside the box

Group-wide, over 2,500 experts in their field - that's over 2,500 opportunities to expand your own horizons, network specifically, exchange professional ideas. And sometimes it's just an opportunity to wind down together after work.


We are the ones with the many facets

A portfolio could hardly be broader: Business Analytics, Industrial IoT & Machine Learning, IT & Consulting around intelligent ERP solutions, Managed Cloud Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, New Work, Cybersecurity & Compliance, Customer & Employee Experience, Strategy & Transformation. Whatever suits you, at the All for One Group you can use your talent in a targeted way - and as a consultant in the field of business analytics you are exactly right with us!


We support each other

Despite the size of the All for One Group, we live a distinct cohesion and a special "we-feeling" throughout the group. You will be supported right from the start and will find open doors (and ears).


We have top benefits

We take care of your health. For example, through ergonomically equipped workplaces and joint sports events. We are also a partner of qualitrain and offer low-cost access to over 2,500 high-quality sports, fitness and wellness facilities.

You benefit from an attractive salary package and numerous risk protection measures, such as a company pension plan. We support families. For example, with childcare and advice in difficult situations. Employee discounts, such as through corporate benefits and bonuses for long-serving employees or for employee recruitment round off the offer.


We are demanding

Successful top companies, hidden champions and global market leaders are among our customers. Just right for those who have high expectations, want to make a difference and take on responsibility.


We are flexible

You want to work from home because your child is sick or your parents need care? You want an office day with your child? No problem. We offer you the opportunity to take time off to spend quality time with loved ones.


We find the right development path

Our career model offers various development options. The appropriate path is worked out together and individually in the target agreement or personnel development meeting. In addition, there are regular training, mentoring and coaching sessions to accompany personal developme


We offer a lot of freedom

Clear target agreements set the direction. In between, we leave plenty of room for your own ideas, solutions and decisions. Trust-based working hours, home office and part-time models support you in achieving your goals in your own way.


We think: every opinion counts

Anyone can praise themselves, but not critical self-reflection. We firmly believe that growth comes from constant questioning and learning from mistakes. This is how we continue to develop as a team.


Your individual start at avantum

Discover the different development stages of
your professional career in consulting.


Do we fit together? Then only one thing is missing:

the right job

Applicant FAQ

Do you have general questions about the application process, the job interview or specifically about data security at the All for One Group? You can find answers in our group-wide Applicant FAQ.

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