Self-Service Analytics

Process, analyze and present data independently – use the possibilities of self-service analytics and thus create a basis for agile action in your company.

react flexibly to changes

Good standard reporting covers over 80% of its users' information needs. Additional analyses and information are often required that cannot or should not be mapped via standard reporting. For these requirements, a self-service concept can be used as a supporting element.

Self-service enables a specialist department, i.e. a data analyst or report recipient, to access data and therefore information independently. In addition, local data can be uploaded, linked and analyzed. This enables flexible creation, use, and delivery of custom analytics and reports from provided data sources.

Self-service analytics allows you to be more agile, bringing additional flexibility to your business.


creation of analyses by the business department

Access to existing data stock

enrichment with external data for analysis & visualization

Enhancement of the existing data stock, e.g. with external data

use of algorithms for data analysis

Gaining deeper insights into the data through provided machine learning algorithms.

our offer for you

Prepare data sources in an optimal way: We help you define your data sources so that they are self-service ready.

We train your users in the use of self-service analytics solutions, such as SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI.

In addition, we offer training & coaching for the business departments in the use of the self-service functionalities as well as algorithms for the analysis of data and for the IT department in the management and further development of the data sources.



Robert Schneider

Director Planning & Analytics