Microsoft technologies

Data drives businesses. Data-driven decision-making processes represent considerable added value. Data warehouse and data mart structures are thus moving to the center of business analytics. With Microsoft technologies and our highly standardized methods, we create individual solutions for your business processes or migrate existing solutions to the cloud: from HR to customer master data to production processes.

Data Management

Data management includes any handling of data – from acquisition to processing to visualization. Microsoft technologies enable complex data processes, both in the cloud and on premises.


Microsoft Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Analytics is a Microsoft Azure analytics service that combines cloud services for data processing. Tasks such as data integration, data warehousing and provisioning are realized in one tool. In addition, flexible scaling allows the solution to grow over time.


Microsoft Data Factory

Data Factory is a fully managed and serverless data integration service. It provides the ability to visually or programmatically perform ETL or ELT processes and make them available for further use.


Microsoft Azure SQL

The Azure SQL Server offers the possibility to provide the well-known SQL Server in the cloud and thus decentralized. Due to the comprehensive infrastructure of the cloud, this is thus fully managed and secure.


Microsoft Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is an analytics platform designed for data-intensive processes. Its strengths lie in the processing of non-relational data.


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is not just a relational database system. Over the years, the SQL Server has become a reliable and scalable platform for data management and data analysis. In addition to the relational engine, there are components such as Integration Services for data integration, Analysis Services as an analytics and aggregation layer or reporting services for the preparation and evaluation of information. In the various versions, additional functionalities have been added to enable a suitable solution for every application, including machine learning functionalities.

This makes SQL Server ideally suited for the implementation of data warehouse and data mart solutions and has been a reliable and scalable business analytics platform for many years.

Data Integration

As a component of data management, data integration describes the connection of data to a system. The type of connection depends on the type of storage. In many cases, Microsoft offers direct connectors for direct access to data stores. In some cases, third-party tools are used to connect.

Our expertise includes the following storage types:

  • Data Lakes, Data Stores
  • ERP/CRM (SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce)
  • IBM (TM1, DB2)
  • NoSQL DB
  • SQL DB
  • Unstructured data (CSV, XML...)

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is about the simple and comprehensible presentation of data. At the same time, analytics refers to the process of interpreting data and thus deriving relevant information. Microsoft offers a wide range of reporting and analytics solutions. The most important products for our project work in this area are as follows.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is the Microsoft reporting tool for visualizing and connecting data. With this tool, companies have the possibility to gain insights from data and present them in an understandable way. It is easy to get started and can also be used by non-technical users. Reporting using Power BI is possible in the cloud or on-premises. Power BI Desktop even provides a free license for on-premises use.

Microsoft Azure Analysis Services

The Azure Analysis Services offer companies the possibility to provide suitable data models in the cloud. Here, data from different data sources can be merged and metrics defined. The data models can be generated in tabular or multidimensional form (so-called cubes) with SQL Server Analysis Services and are therefore ideally suited for ad-hoc analysis with Power BI, Excel or third-party tools.

Standard Reporting

We offer access to standard reports based on Microsoft products. This is used for flexible and fast provision of reports for the respective departments.

Reusable reporting solutions improve comprehensibility through recurring functionalities as well as the reduction of effort for the development of new reports. In addition, standard solutions offer the advantage of automated deployment.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics describes the examination of data beyond classic business intelligence methods. Data from existing data warehouse systems, for example, can be used for this purpose. Data is often enriched with a variety of internal and external data sources.

Methods used include machine learning, deep learning, text mining, forecasting, visualization and many more. The results of these analyses can be used for decision-making processes or automation.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

The Azure Machine Learning service provides data engineers and data scientists with the functionality to develop, deploy and manage high-quality models quickly and reliably. The use of open source technologies makes it easier for new users to get started and understand. In addition to individual solutions, Machine Learning Services can be integrated into new as well as existing data warehouse solutions.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services provides the optimal entry point for all developers into the world of artificial intelligence. Here, existing models in the areas of seeing, hearing, speaking, searching, understanding and decision-making are made available in order to integrate them into existing applications with little development effort.

Microsoft Azure HD Insights

HD Insights is an enterprise-grade open source analytics service. For this, well-known open source frameworks are used for the migration and processing of large amounts of data.

Microsoft Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is an analytics platform designed for data-intensive processes. It has several workspaces that allow Data Scientists and Data Analysts to perform analysis.

Development & Operations

Microsoft Azure DevOps includes a collection of different developer services. These services provide the opportunity to work better together as a team to develop software. In addition, the use of Azure DevOps allows products to be created and optimized more quickly compared to traditional development approaches.

Key areas of Azure DevOps are project development, continuous development & continuous integration (CI/CD) and testing. These functionalities provide complete life cycle management from Microsoft for BI solutions, which we use to drive your projects forward in a structured and targeted manner.

Our Offer for you

The development of digital technologies is advancing rapidly: We support you in bringing your own systems up to the latest technological standards. In doing so, we implement solutions in the cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise. Other services include:

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Development of a data strategy

Together with you, we examine existing data systems and develop a future-oriented data strategy for your company that is adapted to your requirements.
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Implementation of Data Mart & Data Warehouse

In addition to a suitable strategy, we turn your ideas and concepts into reality. Together we discuss necessary work packages and define milestones.
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Project Management

The successful implementation of a project requires more than just a final result. Adherence to requirements and schedules is also part of this. We take over the project management for you in the context of business analytics projects. Agile or traditional process models, we adapt the procedure to your needs.
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Ad-hoc prototyping

You already have existing data and would like to find out what added value can be generated from it? With our standardized reporting solutions, we create suitable reports for you quickly and easily. Our ad-hoc prototyping approach gives you an overview of your existing data landscape. In addition, our short development times allow you to iteratively create and improve reports for detailed projects.


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