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Our extensive network of IBM experts has many years of experience integrating IBM technologies with a 100% go-live rate. Whether Planning Analytics or IBM Cloud – as an IBM Gold Business Partner we offer you extensive implementation and project experience with numerous tools.

ibm planning analytics with Watson (tm1)

solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting & flexible analysis

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) enables you to plan and report fast and flexibly. Modern planning approaches such as scenarios and simulations can be easily implemented to provide optimal support for decision-making. IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) can be operated in the business department and offers solutions for all challenges in a planning environment.

Planning Analytics is based on IBM Cognos TM1 and represents a simple, fast and flexible all-in-one solution for planning, forecasting and reporting. The solution can be used to map various business cases - for example, sales planning, personnel planning, integrated profit, balance sheet and financial planning, top-down and bottom-up planning. The solution is not only available on premise, but also in the cloud and can be extended with any functionalities, such as workflow support.

holistic mapping of your control processes


Ready-to-use Solution based on IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1)

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

solution for planning, budgeting, agile reporting, flexible analytics, and self-service custom dashboards

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is a high-performance reporting and analysis tool that provides all relevant functions for enterprise-wide reporting.

Features of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson at a glance:

  • Fully web-based functions, no need for desktop tools
  • Self-service functionality: enrichment of data by end users
  • Mobile use with the same functionality and quality of results, including dashboard creation
  • Cloud convenience and complete governance: flexible administration of rights
  • Creation of online and offline reports and analyses
  • Mobile retrieval of reports and analyses with the Cognos Mobile App
  • Comprehensive back-end for administration (server, security, scheduling, etc.)
  • Flexible adaptation of the user interface to the company's corporate identity (logo integration, color scheme, etc.)
  • Access to all relational data sources
  • Availability in the Cloud and On-Premises

We would be happy to show you in a personal web session how IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson works and how you can use it optimally for your company.



IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a fully integrated platform for AI, analytics, reporting and planning. It supports the entire analytics and AI lifecycle: from accessing data, to delivering solutions to users, to monitoring finished AI models.

With this platform, you increase your efficiency in orchestrating all available data. You also reduce the effort and complexity for data analysis and preparation. As a result, your transformation to a data-driven enterprise succeeds qualitatively better and faster. The solution follows a new architectural concept for data platforms, which is called Data Fabric.

"By using IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you get 8x faster access to distributed data for half the cost. You can also reduce ETL requirements by up to 65%." IBM

Use the modern, scalable, powerful and integrated platform for all business analytics needs to deliver information faster and gain insights sooner – e.g. through a Data Catalog (IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog) that makes your distributed data discoverable.

Improve the timeliness, consistency, and thus the credibility of your data through a high degree of automation and standardization in data acquisition, preparation, processing, and tracking – for example, through modern approaches such as AutoSQL, AutoAI, AutoPrivacy, and AutoCatalog.

Enable comprehensive data usage security in accordance with the GDPR by deploying privacy and usage policies for all sensitive data – e.g., easily configurable masking of personal data to implement data governance.

Enable your employees to work with relevant data – despite different backgrounds and regardless of technical skills. IBM Cloud Pak for Data brings services for every type of user: from Python and R, to visual modeling capabilities, to automated creation of AI models and analyses based on them.

Get access to all data silos in local databases or in your distributed cloud systems. Data virtualization allows you to access the data without physically storing it in Cloud Pak for Data. If needed, you can also implement and manage database solutions in Cloud Pak for Data, such as a data warehouse or a data lake.

You decide where you want to run Cloud Pak for Data. From one or more of the major cloud providers, to our Data Center, to your own hardware, operation is feasible. This approach is enabled by proven cloud techniques such as containerization with Red Hat OpenShift.

ibm ilog cplex

optimized business decisions using mathematical modeling

IBM ILOG CPLEX (CPLEX) is an analytical toolkit for modeling and solving linear optimization problems. The goal of such (linear) optimization is to find the optimum of a system that depends on various influences. In mathematical terms, it is the calculation of a minimum or maximum of an objective function. Such an objective function can be, for example, a formula for sales, costs, yield or inventory.

CPLEX provides decision support and enables the rapid development and implementation of optimization models based on mathematical models. The tool combines an integrated development environment (IDE) with powerful Solvers for optimization and the advantages of the modeling language OPL (Optimization Programming Language) - plus connections to the programming languages C, C++, Java and Python. In addition, a Matlab toolbox and interfaces to SPSS are available.

You enter your mathematical optimization potential as an objective function and the conditions under which the objective is to be achieved - CPLEX provides you with solutions for the optimization.

By using ILOG CPLEX you can:

  • Optimize your business decisions
  • Quickly develop, implement, and commission optimization models thanks to flexible interfaces and predefined implementation scenarios
  • Significantly improve your business results with real-world applications
  • Optimize your KPIs (production, profits, resource utilization, routes, etc.) - respond optimally to acute events and problems, evolve optimization models to adapt to changing business processes

IBM Watson

Transparent decision support through AI

IBM Watson, as an open multicloud platform in Artificial Intelligence, offers diverse tools and pre-built solutions to support you with accurate predictions, automate decisions and processes, and shorten/accelerate value creation times.

With tools like Watson Studio or Watson Machine Learning we prepare your data, build models and implement them in your production environment. Financial forecasting as well as decision optimization through Machine Learning and Deep Learning can be implemented quickly in an open environment – and above all, they are comprehensible.

In addition to the possibility of developing an individual solution from scratch using the tools mentioned above, there is also the option of tailoring one or more predefined IBM application(s) to your company:

  • Watson Discovery (enterprise search engine, with discovery and analysis of hidden trends and correlations in enterprise data)
  • Watson Speech to Text (real-time audio transcription for meaningful analytics)
  • Watson Natural Language Understanding (metadata extraction such as concepts, keywords, categories, sentiments, or relationships from text)
  • Watson Assistant (conversational interface creation to applications or devices)

In addition, the application can be extended with speech, vision or empathy functionalities via IBM Watson APIs, so that visual impressions, opinions and personal preferences are included in the analysis. We would be happy to advise you according to your individual requirements.

ibm spss modeler

predictive analytics based on data mining & text mining

The self-learning predictive platform IBM SPSS Modeler delivers valid answers to business questions using intelligent algorithms and innovative data mining techniques in a user-friendly, visual environment – including text mining, entity analysis, decision management and optimization to provide predictive information in real time. In this way, upcoming developments are identified at an early stage, business opportunities and risks are reliably determined, and planning is improved in the long term.

A unique selling point of IBM SPSS Modeler is its visual analysis interface, which enables intuitive operation with easy access to data, its preparation and modeling. The individual steps run automatically and allow even users without expert knowledge to quickly and easily create accurate forecast models. On the other hand, the open architecture offers data specialists a wide range of options for expansion and customization.

The Modeler's licensing concept supports the agile and step-by-step development of an integrated predictive analytics environment in your company. We would be happy to advise you on this according to your individual analytics requirements.

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