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The topic of AI & Machine Learning (ML) can seem overwhelming. Is it all just hype or can concrete efficiency increases and cost optimization be achieved in one's own company through the use of Data Science? How can the topic be approached and implemented as a first step? Often, the necessary expertise is lacking in the company to identify and evaluate the existing data in the individual departments and the use cases along the entire value chain.

In the workshop, we make AI & ML approachable and create clarity together so that your company can benefit directly from the first use case.

Workshop content

Data Science end-to-end

In our 16-hour Data Science End-to-End workshop, you will not only understand the relevant application possibilities of AI and ML tools, but you will also coin them to the concrete use in your company. With the knowledge gained, we will jointly identify, prioritize and specify your individual use cases. In this way, you create a basis for your company for the conception of your next data science project.

You get:

  • An overview of machine learning and AI
  • Impluse through exemplary Data Science Use Cases
  • A big picture of use cases along your end-to-end processes
  • Criteria for successful data science projects
  • An outlined requirements gathering for 2-3 concrete use cases in preparation for a project/proof of concept

Workshop content


Basics: AI & Machine Learning

about 4 hours

The first part of the workshop provides basic information on AI & Machine Learning (ML). This way, you will understand the tools needed to identify challenges and opportunities in your company that can be solved and implemented using AI & ML tools.

We explain effort drivers, lifecycle, project cycles and other general knowledge about the practical use of the technologies. Likewise, we show the limitations of the methods and which problems should be solved much more by other means.

  • Machine Learning & AI - at a glance
  • What do use cases look like, for example?
  • What characterizes projects in this environment?
  • How can projects be managed in this environment?
  • How can use cases be captured and evaluated?


Your Use Cases: Identification


Based on the newly gained or deepened knowledge of AI & ML, we discuss your concrete challenges and ideas for process optimization along your entire value chain in 2 heterogeneous groups. Alternatively, we can also present use cases from our catalog in this phase to provide impulses for your different departments and record suitable cases for you in interview format.

Ideally, you outline your end-to-end processes in advance and bring this information to the workshop. This will allow us to dive in specifically and collect suitable use cases.

  • Discussion rounds in 2 groups (4h)
  • Big Picture for all workshop participants (2h)


Your Use Cases: Prioritization & Specification


Your identified use cases are prioritized jointly by the entire group. For this purpose, we use the knowledge imparted at the beginning to evaluate the effort drivers and impacts of the use cases. Prioritization is done using a four-quadrant model (similar to a SWOT analysis) with the axes 'impact' and 'feasibility'.

Finally, two to three selected use cases are specified in our Data Science Model Canvas (analogous to the Business Model Canvas). The listed dimensions summarize the respective use case, so that these requirements serve you concretely as a basis for the conception of a project or Proof of Concents.

  • Prioritization of Use Cases from the previous Big Picture (2h)
  • Specification of 2-3 prioritized use cases (4h)

Next Step

Optional: First PoC for a use case


A possible next step is the concrete testing of one of your prioritized use cases with our out-of-the-box ML services in the context of a Proof of Concepts (PoC).

We apply our services directly to your company data. This gives you direct feedback on the suitability of your data and its impact on feasibility and impact in the context of the use case with minimal project effort. In this way, we transform the use case into a tangible business case with real added value.



  • Target group: End users, key users, department managers
  • Desirable: min. 1 representative:in each from the areas of procurement, logistics, manufacturing for optimal mapping of your end-to-end processes
  • In total 5 to max. 15 participants


The workshop stretches over a total of 16 hours.You can conduct the workshop over two days in one go or, for example, split it into individual sessions per day. Whether on-site or remote, we also discuss this individually.

Costs & Services

We would like to provide you with two experienced consultants. In addition, they will be accompanied by another Assistant Consultant, if required, who will structure the pre- and post-processing to ensure your results.

We can offer you this workshop at a fixed price of 3,200 euros.
(excl. room, travel and expenses)


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Dr. Daniel Jorde

Teamlead Data Science & AI

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