Infrastructure Management

Downtimes of the IT infrastructure during operation and outdated analytics environments lead to high costs and missed opportunities. We provide expertise and resources to manage the analytics infrastructure comprehensively and quickly adapt it to new requirements.


Our infrastructure management covers the provision and operation of environments with the aim of optimally supporting the analytics activities of business departments. With our analytics experience and the combined competencies of the All for One Group, we offer holistic solutions for your running analytics applications as well as ad-hoc solutions for the implementation of analytics initiatives:

  • Demand-driven definition and cost calculation of the future architecture of your analytics environment in the data center or in the cloud with a focus on performance, stability and flexibility.
  • Rapid deployment of ISO 27001-certified, geographically separated, mirrored, high-availability environments in our data center or as a private, hybrid, and public cloud
  • Reliable provisioning or migration of your analytics applications in the new environment including seamless transition to application management and operational support

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Dirk Oberpaur Director SAP Data Management & Services