Modern Planning Approaches

With our experience from numerous planning projects, we work with you to improve your planning processes with the aim of achieving better planning results in less time while reacting more quickly to changing conditions.

our services at a glance

We accompany you holistically from the process to the organization and professionalism to a final solution in one technology.

continuous improvement

planning process optimization

Together with you, we analyze your current planning processes and at the same time develop future ones. In doing so, we take into account your business and technical requirements, thus achieving a well-founded starting point for a software selection as well as the conception and implementation in one technology.

  • Accelerated planning processes through modern planning approaches such as top-down planning as well as an increased degree of automation up to predictive planning
  • Increased planning focus through planning at control-relevant granularity as well as through the use of driver models
  • Increased responsiveness to changing conditions through scenario planning and automated simulations
  • Investment security through well-founded preparation of the software selection and implementation respectively

focus on key factors

driver-based planning

We accompany you on the way from the initial identification of control-relevant drivers to the realization of the driver models in a technology. The intensive study of the cause-effect relationships in your organization as well as the business models forms an essential element on the way to a data-driven organization.

  • Improved explainability of planning assumptions due to comprehensible cause-effect relationships down to the driver level
  • Increased planning quality due to the planning of drivers and consistent determination of financial key figures
  • Faster adjustment and simulation in the course of planning due to changes in individual drivers

transparent options for action

scenario & simulation

We support you in finding the right approach to incorporate scenario calculation as well as simulation into your planning. From simple scenario calculation to complex simulations with the aim of highlighting decision options using analytics methods - our expertise covers the entire range.

  • Simple scenario calculation through planning and simple comparison of alternative scenarios incl. variance analyses
  • Quick insight into the effects of changing assumptions (in the course of planning through what-if and sensitivity analyses)
  • Flexible combination of measures for simulation and derivation of the optimal plan
  • Technology-driven decision support through automated simulation and derivation of decision options

faster and more accurate foresight

predictive planning

We help you accelerate planning while obtaining forecasts of financial and departmental metrics at a higher frequency. Together with you, we derive use cases and establish a solution that provides an outlook into the future and alternative planning scenarios at the push of a button.

  • Accelerated information supply through constant applicability of algorithms for the creation of an automated forecast
  • Higher forecast accuracy through the application of advanced analytics methods to large data sets
  • Increased efficiency through automated determined plan set points as well as validation and quality assurance of manual planning
  • Deeper insights through identification and validation of driver dependencies as well as automated simulation



Mathias Bednarz

Head of Business Development & Strategy