IoT-Manufacturing- Smarter-Wertschöpfungsprozess


Internet of Things
in Manufacturing

Detect possible failures or problems of your machines with us at an early stage in order to reduce expensive downtimes, personnel and unnecessary services.

Thinking ahead

Forecast events accurately: You can use real-time insights to improve your production and help your employees make the right decisions.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Manufacturing connects your machines and products using sensors to deliver a wealth of data, the analysis of which can be used to provide precisely these insights.

By analyzing historical and current measured values as well as exogenous data from the direct machine environment, it is possible to determine, for example, which critical conditions of the machine will cause failures or quality reductions. These findings can be used for predictive maintenance: Predict failures and initiate measures in advance that specifically prevent them.



Condition monitoring: retrieve live status of machines or products, transmit data in real time


Real-time evaluation of key figures, analysis of correlations between failures and other parameters


Make predictions about failures or other parameters based on probabilities, visualize findings and make them available to employees


Initiate countermeasures, carry out process optimizations

Making decisions in real time

For example, you operate manufacturing equipment and want to analyze your machine failures? Are you a manufacturer of smart and networkable products and want to understand why customer failures of your product occur? By using IoT, you can monitor, analyze, generate insights and make decisions – in real time.

Relevant data along the entire value chain

Thanks to the sensors installed in your machines and products, a wide range of data can be collected and processed along the entire value chain. Consequently, valuable insights can be derived from the data and converted into optimization measures for the entire value chain.

your benefits


Identify causes and avoid mistakes

Avoid errors and quality losses in the future by identifying error causes and events

optimise processes

Based on this, processes such as maintenance processes, production processes, warehouse processes and delivery processes can be optimised and made more efficient.

Increase quality and satisfaction

Improve product quality, reduce delivery times and sustainably increase customer satisfaction by means of optimized processes

cut costs

Reduce costs through process optimization and satisfied customers

Our services at a glance

Are you interested in implementing IoT in manufacturing in your company? Thanks to our broad expertise within the All for One Group, we can provide you with individual support from system design to ongoing operation.

Step 1

System conception

Together with you, we identify possible added values through the use of IoT and design an actual implementation of these added values. We then work with you to create a concept for a holistic system for implementing IoT in your company.

Step 2

Technology selection

We advise you on the choice of sensors and their connection. We support you with the topic of edge devices, as well as with the selection and design of a suitable cloud, device and user management and other technical topics relevant to you.

Step 3

Data check

A good data basis is crucial for valuable results. We sift, analyse and prepare your data for you in a meaningful way and ensure the data quality.

Step 4

Model development & evaluation

We apply various machine learning algorithms to your data and evaluate it to generate meaningful predictions and meaningful insights.

Step 5

Visualization & Integration

Together with you, we develop a visualization of the data and findings that makes sense for you - from web portals to dashboards to smartphone apps. Together with you, we start the operation. From go-live to further development and support, we are at your disposal.




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