Data Strategy

In 3 steps to an individual roadmap
for a future-proof data architecture

Data Strategy & Target Architecture

Pragmatic and solution-oriented procedures are important components for working efficiently with data. In order to implement this sustainably, it is essential to define the framework and the rules of the game in dealing with corporate data – through an overarching data strategy and a target architecture derived from it.


Increased Data Management Know-how & Confidence

Evaluation and assessment on the status quo

Increased transparency

Systems, data architecture, Costs & Timings

Individual guidance for action

Outlined roadmap tailored to your business

Data Strategy Assessment

Get started with this workshop and benefit from our expertise in data architecture and management. Simplify your start into this topic and utilize the workshop results in the subsequent implementation.

  • Has the need for information increased in your company?
  • Do your data and structures need more transparency?
  • Is your current reporting reaching its (performance) limits?
  • Do you need better data quality?
  • Should your requirements for new reports be implemented more quickly?
  • Do your departments need to be relieved in the future?

avantum as a competent partner for your Data Strategy – strengthen your interdepartmental understanding and create new Data Confidence

In order to fully exploit the potential of modern solutions, we optimize together with you the basic strategy for handling data in your company – away from unstructured data silos. In this way, we show you ways in which data can be used in a harmonized and standardized manner throughout the company.

Companies often don't realize that the problem is not in the tool, but in the data structures.

Mark Klipp | Senior Consultant


Our Data Strategy Assessment is characterized by collaboration. We contribute our expertise and our Data Strategy know-how, you tell us your requirements, your motivation. This way, after getting to know each other first, we can jointly define the optimal approach for your business case and develop a scalable and needs-based target architecture.

Our approach to developing an individual roadmap for your company is based on a workshop that is divided into three phases:

Status Quo & Vision Statement

Step 1

We record relevant information about the existing data landscape and value chain in your company. We also find out what vision you are pursuing. This allows us to flexibly adapt the content of the workshop and respond to your information needs and requirements in the best possible way. Together, we decide which approach is right for you: strategic, technical or hybrid.

Analysis & Evaluation

Step 2

After examining the current prerequisites and processes, we compare these with the short- and long-term expectations of a data-based solution. In order to define the appropriate and necessary measures, we analyze and evaluate not only the strategic aspects but also - if available - the existing reporting, the IT tools used and existing implementations.


Step 3

We adopt a jointly outlined roadmap, your plan for step-by-step implementation. We provide best practices and reference architectures as well as processes and methods and show a future-proof potential architecture. In addition, we develop concrete recommendations for action to achieve your target image.


Thomas Buchegger

Mark Klipp