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We give your figures a face – reporting on
SAP Analytics Cloud by avantum consult

Standardized reporting and flexible Self-Service BI

faces is the business analytics solution for modern reporting. Based on SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC),this solution integrates different faces for faster and more flexible reporting in departments,application scenarios and specific branches of industry. faces simplifies collaboration across theorganization and enables decision-makers to rapidly turn valuable insights into action.

Visualize data, understand it and analyze it efficiently

All information only three clicks away: each face maps areport library, providing tailored reporting options. Thefocus is on fast and intuitive operation. We give you a quickstart with a predefined set of reports which you can add toindividually. Following the successful launch of the ‘management’ and‘sales’ faces, our new ‘civil engineering’ face was unveiledat the Building Information Day 2020. ‘human resources,’‘planning’ and ‘food & beverage’ faces are likewise due tobe released later this year.

faces by department

faces management

Complete overview of all relevant KPIs across the organization
from financials through HR to logistics

faces sales

360-degree view of KPIs relevant to sales
from georeporting through single customer views to individual sales performances

faces human resources

Always an eye on employee data
from organization-related data to feedback on the employee experience

faces planning

Accelerate your business planning
with predefined planning processes for intuitive and comprehensible medium-term, budget and forecast planning

faces by industry

faces civil engineering

Construction project controlling throughout the entire life cycle
including change order evaluation as well as production and fleet KPIs

faces food & beverage

Controlling in the food and beverage industry
from key figures on distribution to production and warehousing

Your benefits with faces


Instant access to important KPIs

Accelerated go-live thanks to preconfigured templates: the data structure is already implemented and the templates form the basis for your reports

Sustainable, forward-looking solution

Regular updates and new features for enhanced reporting

Productive collaboration across the organization

More efficient use of resources: fast evaluation and visualization by the relevant department, with support from IT if needed

faces on the run

Easy access using a web browser: desktop, tablet or cellphone – anywhere, anytime

Strong standard solution, even stronger when customized

Out-of-the-box functionality, flexible and agile, easy to integrate (SAP or non-SAP IT architecture)

faces integrates into any IT infrastructure

faces is deployed in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). SAC is aSaaS platform that fits seamlessly into existing SAP or non-SAP IT architectures. Thanks to the self-service BI approach, faces is incredibly flexible – any changes to existing reports can be implemented quickly and easily.

Live data models
By using SAC, faces reaps the benefits of live connections to SAP source systems. That way, you see every data change in real time. All data is permanently stored in the source system, so that no time is wasted loading it. You can also integrate non-SAP data into SAC by means of import data connections.

Import data models
faces ships with import data models that make all required data available in the standard configuration. Individual data packets can be structured and selected using import jobs, to facilitate automated data retrieval. Only a few clicks are needed to expand these data models in various ways.

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