APOLLO offers a holistic mapping of planning,
analysis and reporting processes through to legal consolidation.

Holistic mapping

APOLLO is a modular solution that integrates ready-defined business content and logics and is configured to the customer environment within the framework of the project. Pre-defined planning masks, reports and analyses are further essential components of APOLLO in addition to the business logics.


Quickly available

Preconfigured modules for standardized requirements, such as financial planning

Modular design

Easy extension for individual requirements

Flexible and simple

Flexible connectors for connecting the individual modules

Business Analytics – fast and individual

Standard tools for company planning are often very rigid. In contrast, individual solutions (e. g. databases) can usually only be achieved by investing extensive time and effort and in long project phases.

This is where APOLLO comes in: The modular planning solution combines a high degree of prefabrication with enormous adaptability – the ideal combination of flexibility and prefabricated content. The individual modules can be combined at will. The basic functions per module are already in place and can be used immediately.

Base: P&L & Reporting

Top-down and bottom-up, start anywhere planning, cash flow derivations

Balance Control

Balance sheet planning, cash flow derivations, key figure planning

Sales control

Quantity and price planning, terms, simulations

Cost Control

Default values, internal activity allocation, internal orders

HR Control

Estimated posts, security, volume and cost effects

Invest Control

Workflow, writing-off, simulations


Predictive planning with statistical methods, integration in all APOLLO modules

Material & Merchandise

Key figute and limit planning, status analyses

Financial Control

Cash flow planning (rents, loans etc.), integration in financial planning

Corporate Control

IC planning, IC coordination incl. veto management consolidation

Target Setting

Default values, top-down planning

Project Control

Large-scale project planning, integration in financial planning

SCM Control

Supply and demand planning, resource planning

Legal Consolidation

Consolidated financial statements according th HGB, IAS/IFRS, Swiss- and US-GAAP, software test type according to IDW PS 880

Planning Optimization

Mathematical optimization, integration in all APOLLO modules

Bank Control

Driver planning for financial service providers and credit institutions, stress test simulation

Fundamental added value and functions

Accelerated planning process, increased transparency and improved quality. APOLLO uses established technologiessuch as IBM Planning Analytics with Watson (planning, reporting and consolidation), IBM SPSS (predictive analytics), IBM CPLEX (mathematical optimization) and Bissantz DeltaMaster (analytical reporting and visualization). Building on this, the business content is provided.

  • Proven-practice business content (e.g. integrated planning) supports controllers and employees involved in the departments
  • Customer-specific solutions can be covered by modular configuration and individual adaptations
  • User-oriented paths and workflows guide users through the system
  • Solutions can be provided in the shortest possible time

APOLLO provides both technology and business content (e.g. integrated planning). The solution can be operated either in the cloud or on premise. A high level of integration into the previous systems (e.g. SAP ERP, Microsoft Navision) is common and can be implemented using on-board tools or additional interfaces.

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