Application Management

You decide how much responsibility you want to hand over. We provide you with qualified consultants with a wide range of expertise to operate and enhance your analytics applications. This frees up your time for strategic and innovative projects, allowing you to concentrate on business-related tasks.

analytics lifecycle

Application Management covers the operation and continuous development of your analytics application throughout its lifecycle. We have the experience to harmonize the operation as well as the further development. You benefit from a smooth process from a single source.

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stable teams

operate the applications reliably and bring along the experience how to provide new business and software features continuously and in short cycles during operation
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proven standards

to support requirement, implementation, test and release management from many years of operation and further development of analytics applications for globally active medium-sized companies as well as DAX companies
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pragmatic agile approaches

to ensure high availability and accessibility as well as a high degree of innovation and novelty
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itil-compliant operation

of your IT applications: from SAP and IBM to other Business IT to your own developed applications




Director Data Management & Services