Health Check

The individual performance diagnostics for your planning systems - quickly meaningful, system-specific and actionable. This gives you prioritized measures with immediate benefits and a long-term optimization roadmap.

Control requirements are growing rapidly: planning cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and the demands on simulations and scenario calculations are constantly increasing. As an essential support for these challenges, more and more companies are using analytical systems. These systems manage data centrally and in a user-friendly manner. Many planning "systems" have grown and evolved over time.

Together, we can take you, your planning system, and therefore your business forward by providing solutions to the following requirements:

Transparent, comprehensible and flexible planning process with a short processing time.
Flexible simulations and automated forecasts
Orchestrated financial and departmental planning
Ad-hoc availability of information on the planning status
Easy handling and independence from limited expert knowledge
Fast and stable planning systems

problems arise when specific requirements are inadequately met

Is your planning system still healthy? How fit is it for your future requirements? If you can confirm the following statements, you will definitely benefit from our Planning Health Check:

  • Shortened planning and forecasting cycles challenge us.
  • Our forecast is strongly based on expert knowledge and gut feeling of our employees.
  • There is an increased need for simulation (e.g. due to increasing frequency of special effects) and we lack sufficient simulation support.
  • The coordination and consolidation of partial plans consumes a lot of time and personnel resources for manual activities.
  • Our planning logics are too complex.
  • We lack workflow support in planning.
  • Structural changes (e.g. organization, products) cause us a lot of manual effort.
  • The procurement of actual data causes us a high (time) effort.
  • Our planning system is slow and unstable.

individual solutions – tailor-made for your company

In three steps, we will help you to develop an individual optimization roadmap for your company. The areas of analysis, evaluation criteria and target values are derived from your requirements, the degrees of fulfillment of your current situation are determined and cause-effect relationships including solution approaches become transparent.

Interested in a health check for your planning system?

Our expert Mathias Bednarz is looking forward to your message.

Mathias Bednarz Head of Business Development & Strategy IBM