Weg-zu-einem-modernen-Data Warehouse

data warehousing

The concept of data warehousing is changing, the core idea as a single point of truth remains. We advise you on your way to a modern data warehouse.

integration & structure

A data warehouse (DWH) is the central collection of heterogeneous data. It integrates data from different sources and stores it in a structured way for reporting and analytics in a permanent and archived form.

make better decisions

due to higher data quality and uniform key figures

save time & costs

through fast access to relevant data

optimize reporting

through improved reporting and analysis options throughout the company

generate new knowledge

with the DWH as a basis for reporting and artificial intelligence

data warehouse modernization

Volatile markets and changing business models constantly place new demands on your data warehouse. Continuous modernization of your data warehouse as the basis for modern analytics solutions is therefore essential.

In the context of modernization and redesign, the following trends are used or applied: Data Lake, Data Vault, Self-Service BI, new release/product, Big Data technology such as Hadoop as well as high-speed databases such as Exasol or SAP HANA.

our offer for you

Based on our many years of expertise in data warehousing, we offer the following consulting services:

  • New conception and implementation of a DWH
  • Health Check of your existing DWH
  • Modernization and/or extension of your existing DWH
  • Support in choosing the appropriate solutions in the context of a software evaluation for data storage and data transport

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