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The concept of data warehousing is changing, the core idea as a single point of truth The concept of data warehousing is changing, but the core idea as a single point of truth remains. The opportunity for more flexibility and agility in a constantly changing multi-cloud and hybrid IT environment requires an architecture that is both flexible and stable.With expertise and strategy, we accompany you on your way to a modern data warehouse. Let's start now.

What is data warehousing?

Data warehousing is the central component of modern data management and essential for data analysis, planning and AI applications of a company.Data warehousing refers to the process of collecting, organizing, and storing large amounts of structured data from various internal and external sources in order to consolidate them in a central repository called a data warehouse.


Figure 1: Data warehousing

The data warehouse serves as the central data source for analysis, reporting, and decision making. By providing a unified and consistent view of data, data warehousing enables organizations to identify valuable insights and patterns, analyze trends, and make informed business decisions.


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What are the advantages of a data warehouse?

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Holistic view of company data

Current and historical data is extracted from all relevant data sources, harmonized, integrated and made available for analysis and further processing in BI tools. This provides a comprehensive and holistic view of consistent and unified data of your company's business activities.
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Data quality and data security

Redundancy and error-free data in uniform structures increase trust in the data and provide legal security on the one hand. On the other hand, they are the basis for data-driven companies, which also benefits your customers.
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Scalability and flexibility

Scalable hardware and software solutions enable data warehouse solutions to respond flexibly to growing data volumes and changing requirements in order to meet the needs of a growing organization.
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Save time and costs

Companies save time and thus costs by storing and organizing data centrally, which is made possible by automating ETL and data provisioning processes.


By optimizing data queries and transformations, resource consumption can be minimized, contributing to greater sustainability as data is processed more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Our Datawarehouse offering

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Depending on your current situation regarding data warehousing and business intelligence, we offer the following consulting services:

01 Development of your BI strategy
02 Support in choosing the appropriate DWH solutions within the scope of a software evaluation
03 Design and implementation of your data warehouse
04 Performing a health check for your data warehouse
05 Modernization and/or extension of your existing data warehouse
06 We support you in migrating or converting your existing SAP data warehouse solutions or prepare the way to the cloud with you




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