Data Pipelines & ETL

The consolidation of data from various data sources is becoming more and more important. This requires solutions for the creation of data pipelines or classic ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools. Especially with regard to Big Data, the access to data from different data sources and the harmonization as well as transformation of this data becomes crucial.

Extract Transform Load

The term ETL – extract, transform, load – is classically understood to mean accessing data from a data source, processing it and then storing the data in a data target. Solutions covering these requirements have been available on the market for several years. Our services in this environment include:

selection of the right tools

Support of the selection process based on your requirements in order to choose the optimal tool for you

introduction of an ETL tool

Implementation of a custom-fit solution based on the defined requirements, connection of all source and target systems, as well as setup of the loading lines

data pipelining

The classic ETL tools extend their range of functions, especially in the area of modeling data, in order to integrate artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms. This extension creates the prerequisite to analyze the data already in the loading process (ETL) and to update the results into the data sources.

Data pipelines enable you to keep your data up-to-date in real time and continuously by integrating new processes and workflows in the loading process.

A data pipeline typically includes various elements of data processing. Examples include extracting data from the source system, harmonizing data from different data sources, deriving new insights from the data via AI/Machine Learning, and storing the data in the data target or visualizing the data for the user. In sum, you have a wide variety of options for "manipulating" your data.

Application examples for Data Pipelines are:

  • Preparation of financial data for financial forecasting
  • Integration of OCR solutions with algorithms for automated capture of master data from documents
  • Processing of data from different data sources with transformation by AI algorithms into a unified schema

our offer for you

We support you in designing data pipelines with our expertise in data source connectivity and data targets. In addition, we bring in our know-how in the AI/Machine Learning environment based on various projects.

We create added value for your company together with you, not only by loading and transforming data, but also by drawing new insights from the data in the same step.



Dr. Torben Hügens

Managing Director