Process Mining

Gain transparency about the actual performance of your business processes. Use process mining, based on data and digital footprints, to intelligently display process deviations and inefficiencies.

analyze, monitor and continuously optimize processes

At a time when customer expectations are high and IT landscapes are more fragmented than ever, you need to rethink your business to stay competitive. It's no longer enough to optimize products or offer innovations and new services - it's equally important to consistently digitalize business processes and continuously optimize daily operations.

To achieve process excellence, a new discipline has been established over the last few years: Process Mining. Process mining solutions are now available with interfaces to all common IT systems and prepared analyses for the business processes. As a result, implementation by data engineers is now simple and fast.

new transparency

Using process mining, business analysts gain deep insight into the optimization potential of existing processes. In this way, necessary changes can be initiated within the company - both internally and externally to the business partners. Processing times and costs are reduced, and acceptance of changes among employees and customer satisfaction are increased. It is therefore not uncommon for a process mining project to pay for itself within a short period of time.

digital footprint

With the agnostic analysis of processes based on the digital footprint that every action leaves in an IT system, the graphical and interactive process map is created automatically after a short time.

process discovery

Process Discovery makes it transparent how a process is actually used, where it deviates from the "happy path" and which variants exist.

process analytics

Process Analytics measures processing times, makes delays visible and shows the degree of automation or the number and costs of manual processing steps.

root cause analysis

Analysis of current data and identification of actual problems: Revealing all cost drivers, bottlenecks and process risks, such as missing or incorrect master data, insufficient data quality, system errors, unnecessary interventions, conformance problems.

AI & action engines

Identify optimization potential: Modern process mining systems use AI and action engines to automatically suggest necessary actions, e.g. directly to the person in charge in the affected department.


Changes to processes by means of process mining are continuously monitored without any additional effort.

process mining in use

The most common processes that are currently optimized using process mining are Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Hire to Retire or ITSM. In addition, there are further ready-made process analyses for the common specialist areas. Process connectors exist for proven systems and databases, including Ariba, SAP, S/4HANA, salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

our offer for you

In line with the use of business analytics, process mining significantly contributes to the efficiency of a modern company. In combination with classic BI, with KPIs and analytics, with planning tools and risk management, a feedback loop is created for the management that presents the sustainability and performance of your company as a whole.

We would be happy to support you on your way to digitalization and increasing your company's performance.



Dr. Torben Hügens

Managing Director